Synchronized Swimmers in Unlikely Waters

Nina Frazier
Synchronized Swimmers in Unlikely Waters
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synchronized swimmers

1. In the Arctic

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Here at Mashable we just can't get enough of the Olympics. There's one event we're particularly excited about: synchronized swimming. In honor of the event, we thought it would be interesting to see some synchronized swimmers take a dip in unpredictable places.

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It's hilarious to see aquatic athletes take to arctic waters or splash-land in a martini glass. And we had so much fun creating these images, we'd like to give you a shot. Show us some Photoshop magic of your own. Make a composite image using any body of water you can think up. We want to see your creative constructions come to life.

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First, find a background image from creative commons (check the photo credits to make sure you are allowed to alter the work) or use an image of your own.

Next, save this isolated image of the swimmers. (The image will have a transparent background.)

Then get to work creating your masterpiece. Once your swimmers are on their mark and ready to upload, drag it into our Olapic widget below or tweet it to @MashableHQ with the hashtag #masholympics. We'll feature our favorite and funniest submissions in an upcoming post.

Photos courtesy of Jesus de Blas, iStockphoto.

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