Sylvester Stallone Tries (Again) To Sell His Stallone-Stuffed House

Sylvester Stallone is trying, once more, to sell his La Quinta, California villa, and the house’s listing does not shy away from its connection to its famous owner.

We counted at least seven separate Stallones in the house, appearing either on artwork or in the numerous televisions on the property, covering his most famous films from “Rocky” to “Rambo” to “The Expendables.”

The house is expected to be released Jan. 27, but for now it’s only a coming attraction.

This isn’t the first time Stallone and his wife of nearly 20 years, Jennifer Flavin, have listed the Mediterranean-style villa. They first put it on the market in November 2014 for $4,200,000, but found no takers and the couple removed the listing in July. Now the home is back out there for ever-so-slightly less: $4,199,000 million, according to Zillow.

The price cut doesn’t make much of a difference mathematically or to the couple’s profit. It appears they were already expecting to take a bit of a hit on the property, since they purchased it in 2010 for $4.5 million (at the height of the real estate bubble).

The home features four bedrooms and five bathrooms over 5,173 square feet, along with some lovely outdoor living spaces and a pool. The homes comes completely furnished with Feng shui-minded, custom-designed, furniture as well as unbelievable “vibes and positive energy,” according to its listing.

It’s hard to judge the energy from the listing but with all the macho Stallones appearing in the house, walking through may make buyers feel pretty pumped.

All photos via Zillow, courtesy Josh Reef of the Hurwitz James Company.

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