Sweetwater requires solicitor permits

SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The City of Sweetwater is requiring a permit for solicitors.

In a Facebook post, the city advised residents to ask for a permit next time a door-to-door solicitor knocks.

Here’s how a solicitor’s permit looks:

If the solicitor at your door does not have one, you may ask them to leave. If you want to file a Consumer Complaint with the Texas Attorney General, you’ll need quite a bit of information beforehand. Information needed includes name of the business or individual, the business’s full address, and more.

The City of Sweetwater made these changes in 2018, but recently put forth a reminder. The city does allow door-to-door solicitors with permits and a few other stipulations including that the permit must be visible and valid for 30 days. Plus, they’re only allowed to go door-knocking during daylight hours.

Good tips to follow when someone knocks on your door: Don’t invite them in and don’t give them sensitive information like your bank details or social security number.

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