Sweet Magnolias shares exciting season 4 update

joanna garcia swisher, heather headley, sweet magnolias, season 3
Sweet Magnolias gets exciting season 4 updateNetflix
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Sweet Magnolias has received an exciting update about its upcoming fourth season.

According to What's on Netflix, citing a listing on Production Weekly, season four of the Netflix drama will begin filming in January 2024.

It will, however, have a significantly longer production period than previous seasons, with filming set to wrap up in July 2024. For comparison, seasons two and three each took around three months to film.

joanna garcia swisher, justin bruening, sweet magnolias, season 2

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Sweet Magnolias was renewed for a fourth season in October, just three months after the third season dropped on Netflix.

The season three finale saw Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) and Ronnie (Brandon Quinn) renew their vows, providing fans with a more conclusive ending compared to the cliffhangers of the previous two seasons.

"I think the poor fans would kill us if there was another cliffhanger. I'm glad it ended with a period or an exclamation point," Heather Headley, who plays Helen Decatur, told TV Line after the new episodes arrived.

However, she did go on to tease: "Maybe it's a dot, dot, dot… question mark."

joanna garcia swisher, brooke elliott, heather headley asweet magnolias, season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

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As for her character's growing relationship with Erik (Dion Johnstone), Headley added: "They have to try it out. She has to see it through. It will always be something. They've got this energy between them."

Elliot also shared her thoughts on the finale, saying: "I thought it was a brilliant combination of a happy ending but also hope for more. That was the brilliance in the way it was written.

"The finale did have some closure, but if you dig in, you can see that there are still stories to come. There are other pieces that could be revealed. Hopefully we get more [seasons]. That would be great."

Sweet Magnolias seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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