Swarm of bees attack and kill three dogs in Arizona


Three dogs have been killed by an aggressive swarm of bees in Arizona, according to officials.

The swarm attacked three dogs on Wednesday in Tuscon, according to The Tuscon Fire Department.

Firefighters were forced to kill the bees during the incident after one of the dogs died at the scene from the attack.

“Crews are foaming the aggressive bees before tending to the other dogs,” Tuscon fire department said.

“We never enjoy killing precious bees, but in these rare cases it is necessary.”

The other three dogs were initially taken to a vet for treatment but they all passed away shortly after, the Fire Department announced.

“Please be mindful of your animals always, but particularly when there are bees on your property,” the department warned.

It was not clear who the dogs belonged to or if they had owners.

Fear for the population of bees has increased in recent years, with their numbers dropping across the US.

In 2017 a species of Bumble Bee was declared endangered for the first time in the United States after its population dropped nearly 90 per cent, according to National Georgaphic.

The best way for owners to keep their pets safe from bee stings is to work to prevent them, experts have said.

“The best prevention is limiting your dog’s exposure to bees. If you see them, then keeping the dog away from the area until the hive can be removed is ideal,” James Barr, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences said in a release.

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