Here’s the swag Rep. George Santos allegedly splurged on with campaign cash

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NEW YORK — Embattled Rep. George Santos was hit Thursday with a bombshell new congressional ethics report that has sparked new calls for his expulsion.

The explosive report detailed how the Long Island Republican used campaign donations to splurge on personal expenses like travel, credit card payments, cosmetic procedures and even porn.

Here’s a rundown of some of the eye-catching spending allegedly undertaken by Santos:


The congressman-to-be spent $1,400 in campaign funds at Virtual Skin Spa in Jericho, New York in July 2022. A notation in spreadsheets provided by his former campaign treasurer described the payment as for “Botox.”

The spa boasts that its owner, Theresa Pinson, is “Long Island’s premier cosmetic injector.”

Santos also paid $1,029.30 in campaign cash to an esthetician associated with a spa in upstate Rhinebeck, N.Y., the report charged.


In the closing days of his successful campaign, Santos ordered $50,000 of donor money transferred from a political consulting firm to his personal checking account.

He spend $4,127.80 on a purchase at Hermes, the luxury French lifestyle brand that boasts of providing “an audacious and elegant art of living.”

It wasn’t disclosed what Santos spent the cash on. A classic leather-and-canvas bag goes for $3,775, which is close to the total in the report when New York City’s 8.875% sales tax is added on.


Santos spent what the report calls a “small amount” at OnlyFans, the subscription online content site that mostly features pornography.

Atlantic City and the Hamptons

Santos used his status as a candidate to take multiple trips to plush destinations like South Florida, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

At least some of the trips appeared to have nothing to do with politics.

On a July 7, 2022, the campaign spent $3,332.81 on an AirBnb in the Hamptons for Santos. And aide said the candidate was “off at [the] Hampton’s for the weekend.”

The campaign reported $2,281.52 spent at resorts in Atlantic City on July 23 and July 24, 2022.

An ex-staffer said there were no campaign or fundraising events at the New Jersey gambling mecca, but that Santos said “he enjoyed visiting casinos to play roulette, often with his husband.”