Suspended Labour councillor continued to promote himself as representing party

Tanweer Khan was suspended by Labour last month
Tanweer Khan was suspended by Labour last month

A politician suspended by Labour following claims that he had published anti-Semitic posts continued to promote himself to voters as a councillor for the party.

Tanweer Khan was suspended last month after Labour launched an investigation into claims he had published posts attacking “Jewish-owned” social media outlets.

It was also claimed he had described Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, as a “Zionist billionaire”.

Mr Khan has denied that he wrote or published the statements, claiming they had been posted by “disgruntled former Labour Party members” to discredit him.

The Labour investigation into the claims is ongoing, and Mr Khan remains suspended pending its conclusion.

But it has emerged that, following his suspension, he continued to describe himself as a Labour Party councillor for the east London borough of Redbridge. His local party also presented him as one of its councillors for at least a month after his suspension.

Mr Khan’s photograph continued to appear on the X account of the Labour Party in Redbridge’s Mayfield Ward until a few days ago. The references to him being a Labour councillor were removed on Thursday afternoon after The Telegraph brought the matter to the party’s attention.

Until Thursday Mr Khan continued to be listed as a Labour councillor on both his own account on X, formerly Twitter, and on Mayfield Labour’s website, where he was described as chairman of pension fund committee and chairman of Mayfield Labour.

Mayfield Labour Party website including a picture of Tanweer Khan
Tanweer Khan still featured on the Mayfield Labour Party website after his suspension

Mr Khan appeared alongside a Labour councillor in a photograph of a surgery meeting with local residents, published on Mayfield Labour’s X account on March 2.

Until March 7, Mayfield Labour’s website and X account continued to state that they were “promoted by Tanweer Khan”, giving the same correspondence address as the constituency offices of Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary and MP for Ilford North.

Mr Khan, a former investment banker and tech entrepreneur who has been tipped as a future Labour MP, was also shown standing near Mr Streeting in a group photograph that continued to be on Mayfield Labour’s website home page until this week.

He also continued to be listed as a Labour councillor on Redbridge Council’s website until it was updated in the past few days. The party said he had been sitting as an independent councillor for council business since his suspension.

On Friday, Labour sources said that Mr Khan remains suspended pending investigation and the party was aware that he had continued to present himself as a Labour councillor on some forums. They described this as “wholly inappropriate for a suspended Labour member”.

Mr Khan was suspended following allegations that he had described Facebook as being under the control of the Israeli government and used what is widely seen as an anti-Semitic trope when he allegedly described Mr Zuckerberg as a “Zionist billionaire”.

‘None of these comments were posted by me’

It is claimed that, in May 2021, Mr Khan stated in a post on Labayk, his own social media app aimed at Muslim users: “I don’t understand why people are asking others on this platform to join their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp groups etc. These are pretty much all Jewish-owned platforms.”

The following month, when Labayk was forced to close because of insufficient support, Mr Khan allegedly posted a long statement again condemning rival platforms as “Jewish-owned”.

It added: “If you use Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, do not forget that you are directly strengthening the position of the Israeli government in killing innocent Muslims.”

The statement was later deleted, but had by then been reposted by several Facebook users and can still be found on their pages.

In response to the claims, Mr Khan denied that he had written or posted the anti-Semitic statements.

He told The Telegraph: “The comments that you have highlighted are offensive, anti-Semitic and also perpetuate anti-Semitic tropes. Suffice it to say, none of these comments were made or posted by me.

“When I first became aware of these, back in late 2021, I immediately reported them to the Labour Party myself. These comments were posted through the nefarious actions of some disgruntled former Labour Party members in Ilford South. I was able to provide the Labour Party with evidence to substantiate this.”

Mr Khan was approached for comment.

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