Suspects use two stolen cars in Mukilteo dispensary smash-and-grab

Five people used two stolen cars to burgle a marijuana dispensary in Mukilteo Thursday morning.

The surveillance video shows one suspect using a white car to ram the Kush Pointe storefront on the Mukilteo Speedway according to the owner.

After the door was broken down, four others jumped out of a maroon SUV and ran into the shop along with the driver who had smashed into the store.

The robbers grabbed as many products as they could before leaving in the SUV.

By the time police arrived a few minutes later, the suspects were gone. Police say they are still searching for them.

The co-owner told KIRO 7 that she is especially frustrated because even if the police had gotten there in time, they wouldn’t be able to chase the suspects because of Washington’s current pursuit laws.