Suspected Conn. elementary school shooter’s parents found dead

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The parents of the suspected Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, which left 20 children and seven adults dead ,were both found dead on Friday.

The shooter’s father was found dead from a gunshot wound in his Hoboken, N.J. home, while his mother, a teacher at the school, was found deceased inside her Newtown, Conn. home.

The suspect reportedly went into the elementary school at 9:40 a.m. EST dressed in camouflage and armed with two guns. He opened fire with a .223-caliber rifle in his mother’s kindergarten classroom, according to Newtown law enforcement.

Before entering the classroom, the shooter reportedly confronted the school’s female principal. The two were having a verbal altercation when the principal turned on the PA system to alert the school about what was going on, according to an unconfirmed ABC News report. The principal and school psychologist were killed, and the vice principal was taken to the hospital after being shot in the foot.

Newtown police confirmed during a press conference Friday afternoon that the killer was dead inside the school, but that the police did not kill the suspect. Police have yet to reveal the identity of the suspected killer.

The suspect’s brother was taken into custody by Newtown police and is being held for questioning.

The alleged killer’s girlfriend and another friend are reportedly missing in Hoboken.

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Suspected Conn. elementary school shooter's parents found dead

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