Suspected arsonist arrested after allegedly setting fire inside metro Target changing room

A suspected arsonist has been arrested after police said they set a fire inside a metro Target store.

Firefighters were called out to the Druid Hills location shortly after 1:15 p.m. Thursday for reports of the fire.

The person who called 911 said “A subject had just set one of the dressing rooms ablaze,” Brookhaven police said in a news release.

Emergency responders got to the store quickly and put the fire out.


Police credited their Live911 system with being able to arrest the suspect so quickly.

“This incident is a perfect example of how the use of Live911 technology aids the department’s commitment to providing effective police services,” Brookhaven Police Chief Brandon Gurley said.

So far, police have not released any more information about the suspect.

Target sent Channel 2 Action News a statement, saying:

“This afternoon, our North Druid Hills store in Atlanta was quickly evacuated due to a fire inside the store. We appreciate the fire department’s fast response and we’re grateful that no one was injured. The store closed temporarily but our team is working to reopen later this evening. We will refer additional questions about the fire to local police and fire departments.”