Suspect wanted in two Bronx murders nabbed

A suspect wanted in two Bronx murders has been nabbed, police said Monday.

Yorvin Gomez, 26, was arrested Friday and charged with murder and manslaughter in the Feb. 13 shooting of Miguel Vargas, 22, on E. 187th St. near Cambreleng Ave. in Belmont.

Gomez was the passenger on a motorized scooter who pulled up to the victim, jumped off, fired at Vargas, striking him in the chest, then got back on the scooter and fled. The driver is still being sought.

After being taken into custody, Gomez was hit with a second set of murder charges for allegedly shooting two brothers on Osborne Place near W. Burnside Ave. in University Heights the night of Dec. 15., killing one of them, police said.

Gomez was among five people who tried to rob Johnny Gaston, 32, and his brother, 37, both of whom were trying to buy pot when they were targeted.

Shots were fired and the brothers ran off but Gaston, struck in the head, was found mortally wounded around the corner outside a liquor store. His brother was shot in the groin. Both victims were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, where Gaston died. His brother recovered.

The five crooks fled in a Dodge Durango. On Dec. 30, cops released surveillance images of them and asked the public’s help identifying them and tracking them down.

Four days later cops arrested 19-year-old Gibran Guerrero, also on murder and manslaughter charges. Guerrero is being held without bail as he awaits trial.

Gomez has prior arrests for gun possession and grand larceny. He was ordered held without bail when he was arraigned in the Vargas murder in Bronx Criminal Court Sunday.