Surprise: Xbox Live crashes amid Titanfall launch

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Titanfall is one of the year’s most anticipated games and it’s been getting rave reviews so far that say it’s lived up to the hype. However, the launch of Titanfall coincided with the crash on Xbox Live for many users, a fact that Microsoft Xbox Live programming director Larry Hryb acknowledged on his Twitter feed on Tuesday evening. Specifically, Hryb said that Microsoft was working to fix issues that were preventing many gamers from signing into Xbox Live although he insisted that “this is not a Titanfall issue.”

If the problems Xbox Live experienced Tuesday were unrelated to Titanfall, then that’s a pretty big coincidence: The game was widely expected to push Xbox Live to its limits since it’s an incredibly popular online-only game that was generating huge spikes in data center traffic within hours of its launch. All the same, Microsoft was very quick to get on top of this problem and now Xbox Live’s status page shows that everything is running smoothly again.

For the time being, it looks like troubles logging into Xbox Live amid the Titanfall launch were just part of the regular hiccups that come with releasing a major new title and were not a SimCity-level disaster.

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