Surprise: Purchase intent polls show PS4 with a big lead over Xbox One

Tero Kuittinen
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Netflix predicts that the next PS4 and Xbox One models will support 4K

Two separate surveys are showing that the PlayStation 4 sits substantially ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One when it comes to polling American consumers about console preference. According to a new Nielsen survey, 30% of active gamers intend to definitely buy a PS4 console while 22% said the same about the Xbox One. According to Parks Associates, 36% of console shoppers favor PS4 while 27% are leaning towards Xbox One.

These types of surveys are not always accurate, but it’s certainly fascinating that two separate polls peg the PS4 as a significant favorite over the Xbox One. The Nielsen figures would translate to a volume advantage of more than 40% for Sony’s machine.

It’s possible that the decision to price the Xbox One $100 above the PS4 may hand Sony an edge in the short term when it comes to sales volume. But launch sales don’t necessarily tell much about the long-term success of a console, of course.

Much is going to hinge on software slates for 2014, as well as the scale and timing of inevitable price cuts for both consoles.

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