A surfer has died after suffering catastrophic injuries in a shark attack

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Local surfers exercising in the water at Bondi Beach on August 10, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. James D. Morgan/Getty Images
  • A surfer in the Australian state of New South Wales has died after a shark attack.

  • The man, who was not named but is thought to have been in his 20s or 30s, was attacked Sunday.

  • Fellow surfers and bystanders were said to have tried to give aid before paramedics could respond.

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A young surfer in the Australian state of New South Wales died after a shark attack Sunday.

The man, who various reports said was in his 30s or late 20s, was surfing off Emerald Beach near Coffs Harbour, between Sydney and Brisbane, when the attack happened, according to The Guardian. He has not been named publicly.

MailOnline reported that the man lost an arm in the attack and suffered large lacerations to his back.

Many other locals were said to be in the water at the time, with the beaches were packed amid Father's Day celebrations.

An NSW Ambulance inspector, Chris Wilson, said bystanders and fellow surfers tried to deliver CPR before paramedics arrived, according to The Guardian.

"A number of local surfers and bystanders came to the aid of this man - they were incredibly brave in a very challenging situation," Wilson said, per The Guardian.

"The patient suffered a critical injury to his arm, but despite the best efforts of bystanders, paramedics, and other emergency services, the patient couldn't be revived," he added.

According to the Associated Press, a witness, Aaron Armstrong, told Australian Broadcasting Corp. that the attack had shaken up locals and that it was the first shark incident in the community he knew of.

"Yeah, it will change the fabric a little bit for a little while in EB, that's for sure," Armstrong said, according to the AP, referring to Emerald Beach.

New South Wales is under a coronavirus lockdown, but locals are still allowed to leave their homes for exercise, including swimming.

Before Sunday, the most recent fatal shark attack in Australia was in May.

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