'I suppose I robbed the Wells Fargo Bank': Florida man arrested after odd Belleview heist

BELLEVIEW — Belleview Police Department officers arrested a man accused of robbing a bank branch while claiming the building was surrounded by bombs.

Apprehended by officers Monday morning, the suspect refused to give his name or answer any questions. Using a fingerprint scanner, Marion County Sheriff's Deputy T. Mundorff was able to identify the suspect as John Lloyd Henderson-Winfield, 21, of Altoona.

The man's 22nd birthday is Wednesday.

The Belleview Police Department
The Belleview Police Department

Interview with the suspect

Henderson-Winfield was taken to the BPD, where he was interviewed by Detective Sgt. Michael C. Miley. Asked what happened, the young man told the detective: "I suppose I robbed the Wells Fargo Bank."

Henderson-Winfield would not tell the detective why he did what he did. He also told the detective that his name was not John Lloyd Henderson-Winfield, but rather "Anon," according to his arrest report.

Despite not answering most of Miley's questions, the report states, Henderson-Winfield admitted he had said there was a bomb in the bank.

The man was arrested on charges of robbery, grand theft and false report of deadly explosive/device.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad searched the bank and did not recover a bomb.

Wells Fargo employees explain what happened

Miley went to the bank, 5407 SE 111th St., and spoke with bank officials about the incident.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo

A teller said Henderson-Winfield waited in line until it was his turn. When he approached the counter, he told her there were bombs around the building and he wanted $10 million.

The teller said the man said she had five minutes to give him $10,000. The man told her she had four minutes and she got a bag and placed cash inside.

Receiving the money, the man asked the teller how much was in the bag. She said she showed the man her drawer, which was empty. Told there was no more money, he calmly walked out the building.

Other tellers were interviewed by the detective and they told him what happened. They also gave Miley a description of the alleged robber.

Belleview Police Department logo
Belleview Police Department logo

While searching the area, Cpl. G. Freeman saw a man resembling the alleged robber walking along Southeast 55th Avenue. Told to stop, the man fled and Freeman pursued him.

Freeman was joined by Officer V. Macaluso, and they followed the man to a backyard on Southeast 55th Avenue, where he was eventually captured.

Officers said they recovered a bag that contained cash near Henderson-Winfield.

Locally, Henderson-Winfield does not have a criminal record.

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