Support countries hosting refugees -Cate Blanchett

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STORY: Actor and U.N. ambassador Cate Blanchett calls

for continued support of refugees after trip to Jordan

(Cate Blanchett, Actor and U.N. ambassador)

"It was amazing to see that support continuing, but also to go back and revisit with families, children who are no longer children, they're young adults to have seen, you know, obviously the trauma that they had experienced and the desire to return home and see them seven years on with that, the ability to return home dwindling. With all of their resources, their savings spent, that they are in a perhaps even more precarious situation and just how important it is for the global community to continue the support both in-kind and financial but also political support, you know, for those countries that are hosting what could be become a forgotten crisis."

Blanchett returned to Jordan after visiting for the

first time seven years ago in her humanitarian role

"You know, as we the general public, sort of remotely lurch from watching one crisis unfold to another crisis, you know, what's happened in Sudan this last week, that we've sort of, it's easy to forget. It's human to forget, isn't it.”