Supply orders indicate BlackBerry Z10 has been an ‘unqualified success’ so far

BlackBerry Z10 Supply Orders
BlackBerry Z10 Supply Orders

As we’ve said before, BlackBerry’s (BBRY) goal with the Z10 isn’t to catch up with iOS and Android overnight but to simply live to fight another day. And based on some recent supply checks conducted by analyst Paul Peterson of boutique research firm BlueFin, it seems that BlackBerry has gone a long way toward achieving that goal. Per Barron’s, Peterson has written a research note claiming that it “appears that [BlackBerry] management is confident that the BB10 launches will be an unqualified success” because orders to suppliers for the Z10 handset have shown a “significant surge in orders in the past 30 days.”

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Even better, Peterson reports that “some suppliers are seeing 6-month order coverage that is several orders of magnitude larger than the previous 6 months, with some suppliers believing that they can get back to 2011 revenue levels if the present forecast levels hold up.” While we won’t know for certain how well the BlackBerry Z10 is doing until BlackBerry releases some actual sales figures, this certainly is an encouraging report for the company.

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