Supermassive's Dead by Daylight spin-off is The Casting of Frank Stone

It's a single-player game from the makers of Until Dawn.

Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games just dropped a trailer for its forthcoming single-player interactive story game set in the Dead by Daylight universe. The Casting of Frank Stone is a character-driven narrative adventure that features all of the character choice and tension of Supermassive-developed titles like Until Dawn and The Quarry.

The developer promises “powerful life or death choices” and an entirely new cast of characters. Supermassive says this is a “whole new way for horror fans” to experience the franchise, and that’s something of an understatement. Dead by Deadlight is an asymmetrical multiplayer title in which one player is the killer and the others are trying to survive. It’s like a really intense version of hide and seek. Obviously, a single player adventure would have to be completely different, which the trailer certainly leans into.

As you can see, the game looks slow, moody and cinematic, which is a stark departure from the source material. The trailer's short of actual gameplay details, but there are some first person shots of a flashlight in the woods, so that's something.

We already knew this crossover was in the works, but the trailer debut at The Game Awards is our first real look at the game. Supermassive is known for putting its own B-horror spin on things, so The Casting of Frank Stone should be a good time when it launches in 2024 for Xbox X/S and PC via Steam and Windows.