Superman Fighting Black Adam Is Not a ‘One-Off’ Movie but a New ‘Long Form of Storytelling’: ‘It’s Not a One Fight Situation’

SPOILER ALERT: This story references a major reveal that is included in the end-credits scene for “Black Adam.”

Much of the weeks leading up to the release of “Black Adam” has been dominated by Dwayne Johnson touting his eponymous comic book character’s future fight against Superman. Johnson has all but confirmed that his “Black Adam” movie will reintroduce Henry Cavill as Superman after he took on the role in films such as “Man of Steal,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League.” But “Black Adam” producer Hiram Garcia recently told CinemaBlend (via Collider) that a Superman vs. Black Adam fight won’t just be defined by just a “one-off” movie.

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“It’s never been about a one off or just about a fight,” said Garcia, who has been Dwayne Johnson’s longtime producing partner on films such as “Jumanji,” “Hobbs & Shaw” and more.

“No, it’s about so much more than that,” Garcia added. “We really want to craft a long-form of storytelling and show that these two characters exist in the same universe and are going to have to deal with each other often, either on the same or opposite sides. Hopefully they’re going to clash at some point, but it’s not just about a ‘one fight’ situation. That was never our dream. That does not reward the fans. Fans want to feel a journey between these guys knowing that these guys exist in the same universe.”

Dwayne Johnson told CinemaBlend earlier this month that “the whole point” of bringing Black Adam to the big screen in his own standalone movie is so that one day he can make a Black Adam vs. Superman movie. Johnson stressed that “I have been listening and I’ve been wanting to address fans for years” regarding the desire to have Black Adam and Superman fight on the big screen.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to step up and address the fans and say, ‘Hey, we hear you,’” Johnson added. “So finally, after many months turned into many years, we ended up with what we ended up at. And the whole goal and intention now is to this new era, new time. Now let’s build out.”

Johnson’s “Black Adam” movie also stars Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari and Pierce Brosnan. The film opens in theaters Oct. 21 from Warner Bros.

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