Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets Selling For 40 Percent Above Last Year's Game On StubHub

Maury Brown
January 13, 2014
Super Bowl Trophy
Super Bowl Trophy

Tickets for this year's Super Bowl in New Jersey are selling at 40% above last year's game

After the freezing temperatures that have swept most of the country, many of those watching the sports industry wondered if the NFL made a poor choice in having this year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. After all, it’s an open-air stadium. It might keep fans from coming as opposed to a game in a dome or in warmer climate such as Florida or Arizona.

Those concerns may be unfounded, based on the resale ticket market. In fact, it’s looking like a hot commodity.

Based on information from ticket reseller StubHub,the  average ticket selling price for Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey is going for $4,012, up $1487 from last year when it was $2,525 for the Niners vs. the Ravens, and up from $3,040 the year prior when the Patriots and Giants played.

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According to StubHub, ticket sales for Super Bowl XLVIII have increased by 40% so far compared to the same time last year.

The most expensive ticket sold thus far is $10,000 in the Lower Sideline. The buyer from Brownsville, Texas, purchased 2 of these tickets, while the least expensive ticket was $1,500 for a seat in Upper End Zone 1. The buyer from Bronx, New York purchased one ticket on October 19. To place that in perspective, tickets for Super Bowl XLVII last year sold in the range of $106 - $10,804 so the bottom of the market is considerably higher, and who knows between now and then if the ceiling has been hit. StubHub reports that 80% of sales from last year’s Super Bowl came after the AFC/NFC Championship games which will be played this weekend.

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And about the weather. Proving that the Super Bowl is event driven, the highest contingencies of buyers this year are from New York and New Jersey followed by Texas and California. StubHub has also said buyers are coming from as far as Australia and the Yucatan.

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