Super Bowl Advertisers Opt for Early Release of Ads

Jeff Adelson-Yan

Super Bowl advertisers Volkswagen, Gildan, Doritos and more have chosen to release their full-length advertisements a few days before the big game. Though this may seem counterintuitive (as people used to wait in anticipation of experiencing the commercials during live play), they are perhaps responding to consumer demand. Google Trends shows that search demand for “super bowl ad(s)” has increased significantly in the last few years, with interest growing earlier and earlier each year. For example, last year, search volume for these terms did not jump until about January 29, 2012, which was a week before the February 5th game. This year, search volume began to jump on January 24th, a full 9 days before the game. Therefore, advertisers began releasing teasers to whet the appetites of their sports fans. This year, however, it has become an increasingly popular activity to release the commercial online before its air date.

Gildan was one of the advertisers who chose to release its Super Bowl ad early to generate buzz about the ad and brand. You can watch the ad below:

So how have these brands benefited from releasing their advertisements early?

1. They are able to capture audiences who were not going to watch the Super Bowl.

2. They are able to facilitate conversation with their customers and gauge how the commercial was received.

3. They are able to generate buzz about their brand prior to the 30 second spot they purchased.

It remains to be seen if the brands can capitalize on these benefits and turn them into a hard ROI number, but we expect to see more uploading and tracking prior to the Super Bowl from advertisers in the future.

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