Suni Lee dedicates her gold medal to her father who 'deserves it as much as I do'

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Suni Lee was reunited with her family for the first time since she left for the Olympics and she draped her gold medal around her father’s neck.

The dedication: The young Olympian made history as the first Asian American to win the all-around gymnastics event and said she won the gold for her dad, according to her interview with Access.

  • “I have to do this for him because I’m able to walk and I want to live out my dreams because the Olympics has been both of our dreams. I’m really living out both of our dreams,” the young gymnast stated.

  • She also said she was excited to “go home and give him the gold medal” because “he deserves it as much as I do.”

Draping the medal: During her interview with Today Show, Lee was reunited with her family and presented her parents with the medals she earned.

  • She draped the gold medal around her father’s neck who held it up, as the audience members cheered.

  • “I never thought I would get one of these. She did it. She brought it home. I’m so proud of her, so surprised, so everything. Good job,” said her dad during their reunion.

  • She also placed her second medal around her mom’s neck, who said that seeing her with the gold medal made her happy.

  • This follows the Thai Olympian who also presented her gold medal to her father on July 30.

Featured Image via Today Show

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