Sunburn Art Is Such a Bad, Bad Idea (But Still Impressive!)

In the year 2015, everyone knows protection from the scorching UV rays is as important as brushing your teeth. But even with skin cancer rates on the rise, some foolish sun worshippers are using those solar rays to literally burn a design onto their skin.

Instead of trying to avoid tan lines, they're taken them to a whole new (ill-advised) level. Instead of just swimsuit lines, artistically minded people are creating everything from geometric designs to a jumbo Batman logo on their bodies.

This absurd craze is obviously both dangerous and bad for your (long-term) appearance. Short-term effects of prolonged sun exposure include blisters, rashes and freckles, while long-term effects include premature aging and higher risks for cancer. But those serious health risks haven't stopped it from becoming a trend noted this week by the "Today Show" and other news outlets.

At least one celebrity has also endorsed the fad, at least jokingly. "Sunburn art is a real thing, and it's glorious," tweeted Vin Diesel recently.

Dr. Diesel's opinions aside, here are some impressive (or impressivly misguided) examples of sunburn art.

But as the saying goes, don’t try this at home, kids.

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