Which Summer Blockbusters Are Getting the Most Social Buzz?

Christina Warren

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With the summer movie season now upon us, it's time to take a look at the summer films getting the most social buzz online.

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We've consulted our very own chatter-tracker, mRank, to rank the buzz surrounding the biggest movies hitting theaters this summer. Mashable's mRank monitors the social mentions for films across Twitter, Facebook and blogs to get an in-depth look into what everyone is talking about on the social web.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel's The Avengers -- which has already grossed more than $1.3 billion worldwide and has been dubbed "the first all-star movie by design" -- leads in social mentions. The film, starring a cadre of celebrities including Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, has been the talk of social media since its release earlier this month. It has steadily dominated mRank's leaderboard week-over-week, holding fast at the top spot among other blockbuster contenders.

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It looks like The Avengers are starting to get some competition, however, from Sony's Men in Black 3 and Universal's upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. Highly anticipated three-quel MIB 3 has flirted with the top of the leaderboard, and its overtaking of The Avengers at the domestic box office indicates that social media dominance is not too far off.

However, the Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron-helmed Snow White and the Huntsman has also been gaining interest on the Internet leading up to its June 1 debut -- it's currently sitting pretty at the top of the board today and could be a candidate for long-term leaderboard residence.

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Other films with lots of buzz include Fox's sci-fi sizzler Prometheus, Warner Bros.'s surefire hit The Dark Knight Rises and Universal's Ted. DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar 3 and Disney/Pixar's Brave are also getting lots of buzz -- especially on Twitter and Facebook.

We're really impressed with the social buzz following the R-rated comedy Ted. The film's release date was recently bumped up (after G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra was delayed until March 2013) and the vast majority of the buzz for the film has been built entirely online.

With very little television or radio advertisements, Ted has almost 350,000 likes on Facebook, a popular Twitter account and a frequently updated Tumblr. Moreover, the two trailers for the film -- both the red-band restricted trailer and the "acceptable for all audiences" version -- have been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube.

Check out a screenshot from today's rankings below. What is your must-see film of the summer? Let us know in the comments.

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