Suicidal Woman Saved From Highway Bridge by Fort Worth Police Officers

Suicidal Woman Saved From Highway Bridge by Fort Worth Police Officers

A suicidal woman standing on a towering freeway overpass was pulled to safety by two Texas patrol officers who shouted to her, "Don't do it!"

The Fort Worth Police Department released video from body- and dashboard cameras on its Facebook page Thursday.

The distraught woman stands in stocking feet, the wind whipping her trousers, and can be heard crying. Officers Justin Henry and Trae Cierzan repeatedly ask the woman's name. "It doesn't matter," she tells them, sobbing hard.

"It does matter. It does matter," Henry tells her.

Henry is seen motioning for Cierzan to get on the side of the would-be jumper and both slowly approach her as cars whiz by. "Everybody wants me dead, so I'll just die," she says.

"No one wants that. No one wants that," Henry says.

When the officers are at arm's length from her, each grabs onto her and yanks from the ledge. On the ground, they handcuff her. "We're going to get you some help," Henry says.

"Whatever's going on is not worth it," he says.

"We're here for you, OK?" Cierzan tells her.

At a press conference, Cierzan said he was just relieved, and happy, that "it definitely turned out the best way possible."

Henry said he and his partner "were just trying to approach her, calmly, slowly, and trying to get her down as quick as we could."


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