Suicidal mom credits breastfeeding with saving her life

(Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk)
(Facebook/Breastfeeding Mama Talk)

By now, you’ve likely heard of the numerous health benefits of breastfeeding, but for one mom, it’s the thing she credits with saving her life.

“Breastfeeding literally saved my life,” says a quote posted on the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

“When my son was 2 months old I got severely ill with postpartum depression. So bad that I had a suicide plan and for 10 months straight I had to make the choice to live another day.”

While postpartum depression tends to surface immediately after the shock of giving birth, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, it can also creep up during pregnancy or any time in the year following the birth of a child. Those suffering from postpartum often find relief in counseling, support groups or even medication in some cases. But for this mom, it was the need to keep her child nourished that eventually made her suicidal thoughts go away.

“My son is breastfed and no matter how hard I tried he would refuse to drink from a bottle. So each day I had to chose life just so that my son could be fed.”

With her son now at 13 months, she’s happy to report that she is still breastfeeding and doing well.

“I am recovered from the postpartum depression and so grateful for my life now. I know that if my son would have taken a bottle I would be dead now. I truly believe that breastfeeding my son is the reason I am alive today.”

It didn’t take long for other moms to chime in with their similar experiences of coping with postpartum through breastfeeding.

“I can relate with this,” said one commenter. “At times I want to give up on everything but my little girl needing me for breastmilk is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.”

“Postpartum depression is awful,” added another. “I lied to my doctor because I didn’t want to admit that I had it, but I had every intention of killing myself after I was done breast feeding because my son refused a bottle as well. I felt that way for six months but finally my hormones started to balance out. Now my son is two and I look forward to every day with him! Breastfeeding is some powerful sh*t. I am very grateful to have had this experience with my son.”

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