Successful ambush behind enemy lines: Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy modernised tank and capture Russian marines

In the area of Vuhledar, Donetsk Oblast, soldiers of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) of Ukraine and the 72nd Separate Mechanised Brigade have destroyed Russian equipment and captured two Russian servicemen.

Source: press service of SOF

Details: According to intelligence data, Russians were supposed to go on the offensive with a tank unit. They are soldiers of the infamous 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific fleet of the Russian Federation.

As a result of joint actions, an upgraded Russian T-80 tank was destroyed even before it reached the firing position. During the battle, two members of the tank crew were captured.

Quote: "The SOF servicemen provided the prisoners with qualified medical care and took them away from the front line to a location of the defence forces of Ukraine.

The joint operation of the SOF of Ukraine and the 72nd separate Mechanised Brigade passed without losses on our part and disrupted the Russians' planned assault operations in the Vuhledar front."

Details: In a video released by the SOF, the prisoners, the Chertenkov brothers, admit that they were victims of Russian propaganda and agreed to go to fight in Ukraine. They confirm that the Russian command does not consider its soldiers to be people.

Vyacheslav Chertenkov says that he is convinced of Ukraine's victory in this war.

According to Pavel Chertenkov, since the beginning of the year, half of their company of the 155th Brigade of Russian marines has died on the Vuhledar front.

The prisoner also cites the circumstances of the battle: 2 Russian tanks, on the orders of the commander, moved towards the positions of the Ukrainian defence forces, and his T-80 drove over an anti-tank mine. Chertenkov managed to escape before the ammunition exploded. He said he repented.

The video is followed by illustrative shots of the destruction of Russian equipment on various fronts.

The press service of the SOF recalls that during the entire full-scale war, Russia lost 3,213 tanks.

The price of each tank is from US$3 million to 6 million. The cost of all the tanks lost is equivalent to the construction of 803 new secondary schools, 1,230 maternity hospitals or 1,170 cancer centres.

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