The success of 'Top Gun: Maverick' is a warning to Democrats in the midterm elections, claims conservative host Steve Gruber

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Right-wing host Steve Gruber said "Top Gun: Maverick" portrayed themes of American pride and strength, and that its success signals a Republican resurgence.
Right-wing host Steve Gruber said "Top Gun: Maverick" portrayed themes of American pride and strength, and that its success signals a Republican resurgence.Screenshot/Rumble/Real America's Voice
  • Right-wing host Steve Gruber says the success of "Top Gun: Maverick" is a good sign for Republicans.

  • Gruber recalled the release of the first "Top Gun" film as a time when "America was back."

  • He said the films portray "American pride" and "strength," which he classifies as right-wing themes.

Conservative TV host Steve Gruber said the commercial success of the hit film "Top Gun: Maverick" would translate into votes for the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections.

"This is by far the biggest warning of all for mealy-mouthed politicians and feckless weasels of all stripes everywhere — RINOs, Democrats, and Socialists — that in November, it's American pride that will be returning," Gruber said on Real America's Voice on Wednesday evening.

The network regularly features other right-wing hosts and commentators such as Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist, and April Moss, a former CBS affiliate reporter.

Gruber recalled former President Ronald Reagan's administration in 1986, when the first "Top Gun" film was released, and said it was a time when Reagan "challenged the villains of the world," referring to the now-collapsed Soviet Union.

"At that point in time, President Ronald Reagan didn't apologize for America, he stood tall," Gruber said. "'Top Gun' was unapologetic too, in portraying American strength against the evil empire of the Soviet Union."

Gruber added that the original "Top Gun" was released at a time when "America was back" and was a film in which Hollywood's biggest stars were "flexing American muscle on the big screen."

"No apologies, no caveats, no BS, just a message: America is the best nation in the world. We're tough, we're strong, we're just," Gruber said. "And besides that, we're pretty damn cool too," he added with a smirk.

Gruber said audiences worldwide have praised the new film for its "pro-American themes." The 2022 film's international and domestic box office results, he said, show that the US and the world agree with some of the far right's political narratives, including returning America to its former "greatness."

"Not a single mention of climate change, transgender military pilots, or hate speech, nope! No white supremacy, and not even a single gay sex scene," he said.

Gruber noted that 55% of those who bought "Top Gun: Maverick" tickets were 35 or older. "You know, the people who vote," he said.

"Top Gun: Maverick" was released in the US on May 27 and reaped a record $160.5 million in domestic sales and $300 million worldwide during its opening weekend.

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