Stylin’: What Is Tenniscore And Why Is It Taking Over?

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In light of Serena Williams announcing her retirement, it is time to discuss ‘Tenniscore.’

Gen Z-ers have a unique ability to influence viral fashion moments and dictate the trends that become mainstream sensations. In addition to all the other fashion ‘cores‘ of this viral age, ‘Tenniscore,’ is another movement that people are endorsing. The newest member of the ‘core’ aesthetic is taking over the fashion scene, and here’s what we know about it so far.

What Is ‘Tenniscore’?

This rising aesthetic boasts sporty, chic and preppy looks that are inspired by the game of tennis. The trend also falls in line with athleisure, which is a portmanteau for hybrid clothing that can be worn during athletic activity and leisure.

Polo sweaters, skorts, shorts and tank tops are all part of the ‘tenniscore’ look and have been especially popular in the summer months.

Why It’s Taking Over Our Social Media Feeds

The viral TikTok fashion trend took off last year and has consumers rushing out to their favorite stores to get the look. The inspiration behind the look is primarily golf clothing, as referenced in the name and also vintage fashion from the 80’s. The fashion world is transient, and there has been an uptick in people digging into the fashion archives of the past to get inspiration for current fashion.

Various fashion brands have placed their stamp of approval on the trend by producing clothes that endorse the ‘Tenniscore’ movement. People are loving the style because of its simplicity and luxurious understatements. And in many ways, the trend represents the luxuries of life and is the ultimate tribute to ‘soft life.’ What is even better is that this fashion moment does not require its participants to be avid tennis lovers or players.

Photo by Olanma Etigwe-uwa
Photo Credit: Olanma Etigwe-uwa

Monochrome It

If you want to rock a Tenniscore look for the rest of the summer or even in the fall, opt for monochrome colors. Hues like white, black and gray are popular with this trend and all give curated outfits an extra ‘oomph.’ Pairing the outfits with white socks and sneakers equally elevates the look.