Style a Bar Cart for Upcoming Holiday Parties

By Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Blog Contributor

When it comes to the holidays, weekends book up fast with cocktail gatherings, office parties and kids’ events. Whether it is an impromptu get-together or something more formal, there is one versatile piece of furniture that can make for a refreshing change of pace for the fall and winter entertaining season — a bar cart!

Follow these simple tips to get your home holiday-ready within minutes with a little bar cart styling.


Start by adding trays to divide the bar cart into zones for your specific essentials. This process will help you organize glassware, bottles or other bar necessities. You’ll be both chic and organized.


Corral beautiful flatware with trays or vases. Source: The Skinny Confidential.


Color, pattern and texture are all important when styling your bar cart. Personalized coasters or napkins and patterned straws add flair and function, too. Monogrammed fabric cocktail napkins are a thoughtful touch that can go a long way with guests. Fresh flowers are another way to add beautiful aroma and color.


Make your bar cart work in your decor with a gallery wall behind it. Source: The Skinny Confidential.


Display your favorite treasures. Heirloom bar tools, vintage cocktail books, glasses from flea markets and interesting liquor bottles are always great additions. These items immediately tell guests a story while they enjoy themselves in your home. Don’t hesitate to anchor the bar cart with a fun piece of artwork on the wall behind the cart. It could be as simple as a chalk board with a festive cocktail menu.


Now that your bar is presentation-worthy, what should you serve your guests? Stock a selection of basic liquors — vodka, gin, tequila and bourbon or whiskey — and then round these out with a few mixers and garnishes in containers with different shapes for visual interest. Don’t forget a stylish ice bucket, straws and a few cocktail picks, too.


Don’t forget the drinks and straws! Source: The Skinny Confidential.


Just like your home design, your bar should be designed for your needs and the beverages you like to drink and serve. Carefully think about what you will be serving — a signature cocktail or a bottle of bubbly — and be sure to have enough to last the whole evening.

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Kerrie Kelly is a Northern California interior designer and the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. She is an award-winning interior designer, multimedia consultant and an author of two books: “Home Décor: A Sunset Design Guide” and “My Interior Design Kit,” with Pearson Professional and Career Education.