Stunts: Austin Beerworks Makes Drunk Craft Dreams Come True With 99-Beer Multi-Pack

Meghan McCarron
Screenshot 2014-08-25 14.22.39(2).jpg
Screenshot 2014-08-25 14.22.39(2).jpg

Austin Beerworks rechristened their Peacemaker beer as "Anytime Ale," and by "Anytime" they mean "All The Time, Like Every Hour, For Days." To celebrate the release, the brewery released a 99-beer multipack to select stores around Austin, retailing for only $99. It's legit. Austin Beerworks explains on Twitter, "Is it a joke? Yes. Is it real? Also yes. "

Austin Beerworks – Peacemaker Anytime Ale from Beef and Pie Productions on Vimeo.

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