Stunning video shows moose and her baby cruising highway in empty Alaska national park

Gorgeous video captured in a national park in Alaska shows a majestic moose moseying along a deserted forest-lined highway with her baby not far behind.

Huge mountains tower behind the moose in the video, which was taken by Denali National Park and Preserve officials and posted to the park’s Facebook page on May 24. After she stops to look back at her kid, as if to see if it’s coming along, she crosses to the side of the road.

“Hey, you, Moose Mama! You just crossed a double yellow line!” the caption says.

The moose are just a couple of about 1,800 that roam the north side of the Alaska Range in the park, officials said. They were spotted near the start of Denali Park Road on May 23.

Moose and their calves tend to hang around Riley Creek Campground near the park entrance in spring, officials said.

“Please give them their space and keep at least 25 yards (approximately two bus lengths) away from moose,” officials said. “If a moose lays their ears back, raises their hackles, or charges you — you’re too close — get away as fast as you can. Run away or hide behind something. A friendly ... (reminder): this is their home and we are the visitors.”

What to know about moose

Moose are protective animals and will defend their territory and their young, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

If someone encounters a moose, they should give it space to leave, wildlife officials said.

Wildlife officials said people should do the following if a moose charges:

  • Run away quickly

  • Put a tree, rock or other large object between them and the moose

  • Get up quickly if knocked down

  • Report the incident to wildlife officials as soon as possible

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