Study finds 80% of smartphones still aren’t protected from malware

Zach Epstein
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As smartphones and tablets powered by mobile operating systems continue to take over the world, malware makers see nothing by dollar signs. Reports of malware targeting smartphones continue to pop up constantly and Android is a particular focus since its ecosystem isn’t controlled as tightly as iOS or Windows Phone. This is a big problem, of course, since Android happens to also be the most popular mobile platform on the planet. There are already plenty of tools offered by various companies to help protect mobile devices from malware and other security issues, but a new study from Juniper Research has found that 80% of smartphones remain unprotected from Malware attacks. The good news, however, is that Juniper sees things changing for the better over time — according to the firm’s projections, about 1.3 billion mobile devices will have mobile malware protection installed by 2018, up from 325 million in 2013.

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