Students can’t check out books from CMS libraries for start of school year

Students at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will not be able to take out books from the school library for the first two weeks of classes.

The district said they’re doing it to give the district time to comply with the Parents’ Bill of Rights, a new North Carolina law.

“It requires us to make available to parents the list of books that students are checking out,” said Superintendent Crystal Hill. “We already have a system in place, but it’s not systematic across the district. So, we definitely wanted to provide the opportunity for time, so we have our systems down pat.”


Students can still go to the media centers for classes and elementary students can learn about library procedures.

Earlier this month, in response to the new law, the CMS board policy committee voted to recommend changes to four key policies to align with the new state law.

  1. Parents will have to opt in for their children to participate in reproductive health and safety education programs. Previously, students automatically took part unless a parent opted out.

  2. The district has to give parents options to review library media centers and supplementary education materials.

  3. The district must develop policies that involve parents in schools and in their children’s education.

  4. Gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexual activity may not be mentioned in any K-fourth grade curriculum.

“When it comes to LGBTQ+, me being a member of it, sometimes it’s too much and then sometimes I understand why they need to know,” said parent Sheena Phillips. “Because, if you’re trying to stop the bullying, you need to understand people can be themselves, and this is how they (are).”

Phillips said more information helps kids understand the world better.

“I do wish that they can learn more about it instead of it being such a bad thing to everybody else,” Phillips said. “Just because you don’t believe in it, that doesn’t make it bad.”

The chair of the Mecklenburg chapter of Moms for Liberty previously told Channel 9 that she supports the Parents Bill of Rights because it provides more transparency for parents.

“We don’t view this as a political issue,” said Brooke Wiess, Moms for Liberty. “We view this as a parental issue.”

LINK: CMS material objection form

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