Students return to Neb. high school after shooting

JOSH FUNK - Associated Press
January 7, 2011

Around 100 students have gathered at the entrance of an Omaha, Neb., high school to welcome their classmates back two days after a 17-year-old gunman killed an assistant principal before fatally shooting himself.

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Hogan says he's happy to be returning to Millard South High School. But he says he expects there will be only one topic discussed as classes resume Friday.

On Wednesday, Robert Butler Jr. shot and killed Vicki Kaspar using his police detective father's service weapon. Kaspar had earlier informed Butler he would be suspended for driving his car across an athletic field. Butler also wounded the school's principal.

Fourteen-year-old freshman Dustin Smith says it might feel "a little weird" returning to class, while 17-year-old Jamie Ryals says she feels "it's a little too soon."