Student pilot disables 10 planes after being denied his solo flight, Florida cops say

A 23-year-old flight school student is accused of sabotaging 10 aircraft at a Florida airport after he was denied a solo flight, according to investigators.

It happened at Treasure Coast Flight School, an international piloting school at Whitham Field Airport in Stuart, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Stuart is about 100 miles north of Miami.

The student “became angry after school instructors would not allow him to take a solo flight,” the sheriff’s office said.

“School officials called the sheriff’s office when they said they saw (the student) on video going from plane to plane causing damage to each of the aircraft. Items such as a plane’s throttle was damaged.”

Ten aircraft at the school remain grounded while mechanics determine the extent of damage, the sheriff’s office said.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said “something terrible could’ve happened” had the damage to planes not been discovered prior to take off, according to station WPEC. “Some of the damage ... would’ve impacted their ability to land,” Snyder told the station.

The student, who is visiting the United States, was arrested at Whitman Field and was “charged with felony criminal mischief.”

“Additional charges are possible,” the sheriff’s office said.

Treasure Coast Flight School reports it is a “full service flight school” that trains pilots from all around the world, using the certifications required for specific nations or regions.

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