Strippers can apparently better forecast the market than your finance bro

In a tweet that has since gone viral, a netizen who claims to be a stripper declared that we are currently in a recession based on the empty status of strip clubs.

The user, @botticellibimo, explained that “the strip club is sadly a leading indicator and i can promise ya’ll we r in a recession lmao.”

Since its posting on May 19, the tweet has garnered over 120,000 likes and nearly 15,000 retweets.

In a series of recent posts related to their original tweet, the user made their case, arguing that “Sex work has survived through every war, recession, decline of empires,” and pointing out that strip clubs have been “an operative tool” for business people, and not just a source of ‘sinful’ entertainment.

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Referencing the 2001 Enron Corporation scandal, they claim strip clubs are where “energy salesmen bring their clients” and “recruiters bring prospective finance bros,” describing strip clubs and the world of business as “deeply integrated.”

As strippers, “we always have to be aware of fluctuations in the market and how upper class white men are behaving and spending their money,” the user continued. “Ask ANY stripper we have to be aware of how rich people are going to spend their money, stripping is betting on how the rich spend their money.”

“You’re gonna tell me that isn’t just a stock exchange?”

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The user also made the point that company holiday parties, which take place in December when finance employees typically receive their end of year bonuses, “make up a large part of strip club revenue,” emphasizing again the inextricable connection between strip clubs and the condition of the market.

The person ended their series of tweets by concluding that, “every single stripper I know is a better trend forecaster than any finance bro or marketing exec.”

One user responded with a personal story, sharing that in early 2007, a friend who was stripping at the time told them “the club is way too dead for way too long,” and advised them to sell their stock then and buy it back after the market crashed.

“i thought she was crazy. but she did it, and she ended up almost doubling her money.”


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