Stray bullet hits bass player in head as he performs on stage, Louisiana cops say

A band member was hit in the head by a stray bullet while performing on a Louisiana stage, police said.

Around 8:30 p.m. on May 13, Houma Police responded to reports of gunshots, according to a news release.

When they arrived at the reported intersection, they didn’t find a shooter or a victim, but officers did see spent shell casings on the ground, police said.

Just 10 minutes later, they were called again with reports of someone with a gunshot wound to the head — only about a mile away.

The officers traveled to the downtown park where the Josh Garrett Band had been performing, according to a Facebook post.

The band’s bass player had been hit with an “unknown object” while the band was performing live, police said. They later discovered that he had been hit by a bullet.

Police believe the bullet was a stray from the earlier shooting that fell out of the sky and down onto the band, hitting the bass player in the head.

Falling bullet struck our bass player,” Josh Garrett Band commented on a Facebook post from another local band. “The bullet is still in his head, but he is gonna be ok – Very thankful.”

Police said the bass player was recovering from the gunshot wound which was found to be non-life threatening.

One of the concertgoers described the confusion during the show.

“They made an announcement that the show was over because someone (threw) either a bottle or rock from across the bayou, hitting the bass player in the head,” the person wrote on the Facebook post. “We found out the next morning what really happened. That bullet traveled from 9 blocks away.”

Police said the investigation was in the “infant stages” and more information would be released as the investigation developed.

Houma is about 55 miles southwest of New Orleans.

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