Strange Sea Creature Baffles Coney Island Fishing Couple

A spot of pier fishing in Coney Island by Nataliia Vorobok and her boyfriend ended with a surprise, when they pulled a mysterious creature from the deep.

Vorobok took video of the animal, as it wriggled and writhed on the boardwalk. Her footage clocked up millions of views on TikTok, where viewers shared Vorobok’s surprise.

Vorobok told Storyful the video was from a fishing trip back in 2018. “We went for fishing and caught this creature,” she said. “It looked very weird, we didn’t realize right away what it was.”

Vorobok said she later found out it was a clearnose skate. According to the National Aquarium website, the clearnose skate is found in waters from Massachusetts to south Florida. Credit: Nataliia Vorobok via Storyful