Stranded passenger shoots mini-documentary inside Dallas airport

Yahoo News

The ice storm that blanketed a large part of the United States over the weekend forced millions of weary travelers to deal with seemingly endless delays.

One such traveler, Canadian James Archibald, passed the time being stranded at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport by shooting a short film documenting the experience on his cellphone.

"It's getting a bit silly," Archibald said inside DFW's Terminal D. "I'm gonna shoot some b-roll."

Armed with a smart phone and sipping a rum-and-coke, Archibald walked through the terminal-turned-cot-filled-campground, interviewing fellow passengers who, like Daniela from Monterrey, had been stranded inside the terminal for two days.

"I don't know what the problem is," Peter, who was en route to Germany from Guatemala, said. "In Germany we also have ice."

Kathy, on her way to Cancun from Texarkana, Texas, agreed.

"As a fellow Texan, it's more embarrassing than frustrating," she said. "You got an inch of ice and you can't get a plane out? I don't think they were prepared."

"It's a party in the airport," Ashley, on her way home to Gainesville, Fla., from Japan, joked.

The terminal, Ashley added, had run out of cots and pillows.