Stranded Diver Who Recorded His 'Final Words' At Sea Reveals How He Stayed Alive

A scuba diver thought he was doomed when he was lost at sea, 30 miles off the coast of Australia last month, and he is now thanking his lucky stars — and his wetsuit — for saving his life.

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Jacob Childs recorded his harrowing ordeal on a GoPro camera when he accidentally strayed away from his diving group off the coast of Queensland.

“Even though the water was cold, I was warm in my wetsuit,” he told Inside Edition. The water apparel prevented him from getting hypothermia during the six-hour nightmare.

Childs has also credited his cool, calm and collective attitude that helped him in the situation.

“Being hysterical wasn't going to help myself or anybody else,” he said. “I wouldn’t say I was scared. I was thirsty.”

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The 30-year-old recorded what he thought would be his final moments to document his end for loved ones.

In a moment of despair as the sun went down over the horizon on July 5, Childs said: "That’s a wrap on old Jakey."

But all was not lost as the diver was wearing a bright orange marker that also served as a floatation device. It helped the search and rescue plane spot him in the ocean.

And, despite the close call, the Australian was back in the water scuba diving the very next day.

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