Story Behind Adorable Photo of 5-Month-Old Giving the Thumbs-Up Sign

Jennifer O'Neill

Baby Sawyer Loudon’s parents, Kim and Jeff Loudon, call all the attention that their son’s daycare photo has gotten online “surreal.” (Photo: kimay124/Reddit) 

If Internet sensation Sawyer Loudon’s fans have any influence, the tot will either be hitting Hollywood or running for office by age 18. 

“This baby is cooler than I’ll ever be,” writes one Reddit commenter about the infant posing with a cheery thumbs-up in a daycare snap that’s taken the Internet by storm. Others complimented the kid’s “swag” and declared that the photo “is my phone’s new inspirational wallpaper.” One dad even jokingly inquired about setting up an arranged marriage for the boy and his daughter, noting, “I want her to end up with someone who exudes this level of confidence.” 

Sawyer Loudon in a more casual photo shoot. (Photo: Jeff Loudon).

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Sawyer’s mother Kim Loudon posted the daycare photo, taken two months ago, on Reddit April 15 — with the headline: “At 5 months old my son already has the best school photo ever” — and almost immediately comments started flowing in as people viewed the image (shot by Lifetouch school photographers) on Imgur. As of press time the photo has raked in a staggering 2.9 million views. 

“It’s going to be tough to top this,” Sawyer’s dad Jeff Loudon tells Yahoo Parenting. “A lot of people on Reddit suggested we should pose him the same way every year, but that will be easier said than done for the next few years. For a while, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed for a few more of these lucky moments.”

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Sawyer’s winning gesture — that prompted one commenter to muse, “That baby’s inner monologue voice is definitely Bruce Willis”— isn’t one that the now-7-month-old typically shows off, mom told the Huffington Post. “I’m not sure how the photographer caught him at the perfect moment but I’m sure he was in the middle of taking his fingers to or from his mouth,“ she says. “I’m not sure we could repeat the pose any time soon even if we tried." 

For now, the infant’s parents are just enjoying the adorable shot. “Surprisingly enough, we both have the photo on display in our work offices, but it isn’t up anywhere at home yet,” Jeff tells Yahoo Parenting. “However, we love this photo so much that we could end up with a copy in every room eventually.”

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