Stormwater manual changes recommended

Nov. 17—Glynn County Commissioners met Tuesday to consider approval of an update of the Stormwater Local Design Manual.

The special-called meeting was a followup to commissioners approving a new stormwater ordinance.

The county operates the storm drainage system through the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems program, and the permit is updated every five years. Updates to the stormwater ordinance and local design manual are required by state law.

Pamela Thompson, community development director, said most of the changes to the manual were to make it more reader friendly, and there are very few noticeable changes.

"The ordinance we adopted references a stormwater local design manual," she said of why changes are required by the state.

Thompson said a committee was formed earlier this year to review the manual, make minor edits and the update the document to the current requirements by the state. And a consultant made sure any changes met state requirements.

Thompson said the updated manual is required to reflect new state laws and for clarity, and is "absolutely mandatory" by the state. And state approval of the document is required to issue permits.

Commissioners voted to put the update on Thursday's county commission meeting agenda for discussion before voting to approve the draft update and sending it to the state for final review.