Stop Looking Like a Fool With Facebook Law for Idiots

Annie Colbert

Hey, naive Nancy and gullible Greg, stop posting copyright notices on Facebook that use fancy schmancy terms like communiqué, Berner Convention and action. You may think you're erecting an invisible wall of copyright protection around your profile castle, but you're really just making yourself look like a social media jester.

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College Humor offers a handy breakdown of Facebook law by explaining what you're really proclaiming. Watch and learn a handy lesson on the legal binding of crap you post in your newsfeed.

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1. View Photos Full-Screen

You can browse Facebook photos in full-screen mode, making for a better gallery viewing experience. In an album, click on the first image, then hover over the photo. A floating menu will appear along the bottom of the image. Click on "Options" and you'll see the ability to "Enter Fullscreen." Now you can browse with a clean, black background. To return to normal mode, simply hit the Escape key or the "X" on the top-right of your display.

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