Stockholm subway thief sentenced to prison

FILE- A composite image file photo from Sept. 8, 2012, from CCTV footage made available by Swedish Police, showing intoxicated victim falling from the subway platform at Sandsborg metro station south of Stockholm onto the train tracks, then 28-year-old Tunisian man Nadar Khiari jumps down on the tracks, steals his belongings, and leaves him there. The victim was hit by a train and lost a foot but survived. A court in Sodertorn, Sweden, on Tuesday Oct. 23, 2012, sentenced Nadar Khiari to 18 months in prison for theft and ordered him to pay $1,800 (US 1,400 euro) in damages to his unidentified victim. Nadar Khiari will be deported after serving his sentence.(AP Photo/Swedish Police, File) SWEDEN OUT

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A 28-year-old Tunisian who was caught on security camera stealing from a man who had fallen onto the tracks on the Stockholm subway and then leaving him to be hit by a train was sentenced Tuesday to 1 ½ years in prison for theft.

A Swedish court ordered Nadar Khiari to pay $1,800 in damages to his victim and ruled that he will be deported after serving his sentence. He was not charged with leaving the man on the tracks, since Swedish law does not require people to help.

The September incident stirred outrage in Sweden after the footage was broadcast on TV and went viral around the world.

The video shows the drunk victim falling from a subway platform. Khiari then jumps onto the tracks, steals his belongings and leaves him there. The victim was hit by a train and lost a foot, but survived.

The court wrote that the victim had been "in a particularly vulnerable position, lying intoxicated and injured on the subway track without any opportunity to protect himself, in danger of being killed or being seriously injured. Nadar Khiari must have been fully aware of this."

Khiari confessed to stealing the man's cell phone, a silver case and a gold necklace, saying he was unemployed and needed money for food and medicine. He apologized for not alerting subway staff that there was a man on the tracks.

He was also convicted of another theft, committed in August. It was not immediately clear whether he would appeal the ruling.