There are Still Between Three and Six Weiner Sext Partners Out There

Philip Bump
There are Still Between Three and Six Weiner Sext Partners Out There

Anthony Weiner, still desperately trying to stamp out the fire his former passions have sparked, has now set three new firm(-ish) benchmarks for his behavior. The total number of women? Nine to thirteen. The number since he resigned from Congress? Three. The last point at which at happened? "Last summer."

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Please write this information down for future reference. After all, Weiner also said he's still working on his cybersex issues, so any and all of that may end up being inaccurate or outdated. And Weiner hasn't exactly established a track record for forthrightness.

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First of all, the documentation. Politico reports on the establishment of the post-resignation figure: "I don’t believe I had any more than three." The AP has the grand total: "Weiner now says he had bawdy exchanges with six to 10 women while in office." And Politicker reported the end date: “Last summer … Yeah, roughly August. Maybe even a little earlier than that.”

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Weiner's new-found specificity means that we now have a clear benchmark against which to measure future revelations. We've broken down Weiner's digital dalliances by timeline. To represent those women who have not yet come forward, we've given them the name "Monica," which, for at least one office intern, Weiner was himself prone to do.

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Pre-resignation (six to ten)

Post-resignation (three)

In other words: there are at least three and as many as six more sets of chats, texts, and (God forbid) photos waiting to be released. None of which, Weiner must certainly hope, are dated after September of last year. (Worth noting that, according to Leathers, his chat activity did go on past summer, but that's unverified.) If anyone out there has yet to come forward, please note that my email address is at the bottom of this article.

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Weiner has already responded to any future revelations, of course. "I'm not going to get into a back-and-forth with people who are releasing things whether they be true or not," he said in response to the Leathers revelations. "People have a right to say what they want, and I brought it on myself." So if anything else comes out, Weiner has pre-denied it, and it doesn't count.

The AP story adds this detail:

The married Democrat also said Thursday he's still "working with people" to get help dealing with his penchant for X-rated flirting online. But he disputes any suggestion that it's an addiction.

As he told The Times earlier this year, he started seeing a therapist shortly after resigning from office. Those sessions appear not to have been terribly effective.