How to stay up to date with all the latest news from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

All of our print subscribers have 24/7 access to the most complete, in-depth news coverage in Wisconsin, through our website, our e-edition and our apps for smartphones and tablets.

Here's how to activate and use your digital access to stay on top of the news that's important to you.

What do I get when I subscribe?

Our digital subscription — free to home delivery subscribers and available to new digital subscribers — provides full, unlimited access to, the Journal Sentinel apps for smartphones and tablets and the Journal Sentinel e-edition.

I am a home delivery subscriber. How do I start using my digital subscription?

All you need to do is register your account at If you have an email address tied to your account, visit to get started.

If you don't have an email address tied to your account, or aren't sure, follow the steps below:

  • Go to or download our app on your phone manufacturer's app store. You can find the "sign in" button on the top right of the website or on the gear symbol on your mobile app.

  • Enter your first and last name. Then create a user name and password.

  • Link your subscriptions. Enter your last name and your ZIP code and phone number.

  • Need extra help? Call customer service at 1-844-900-7103.

Can everyone in my home access the digital subscription?

Yes, print subscribers also may share digital access with others in their household. You will need to log in using one email and password.

I already have a Journal Sentinel subscription. How do I make sure I have full digital access on my computer, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.?

Once you have registered, you simply need to log in once on each computer or mobile device you own. After that, you will have full access an each device, at any time.

If you follow a link to through the Twitter, Facebook or Instagram app on your phone, you may also have to log in there.

You will also have to log in on our apps.

What apps do I need?

The Journal Sentinel offers two apps:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel news app, which is updated continually with the latest news, as it happens. Download the app by visiting on your smartphone or tablet.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel eEdition — an exact replica of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper, plus bonus national content, updated each morning with the latest edition.

To download that app, visit the App Store or Google Play store on your tablet or smartphone and search "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel eEdition,"

How can I be sure I see every story on the topics that I'm interested in?


The homepage features the most important stories of the day, breaking news and recent project and investigations. Use the top menu to browse deeper into individual sections, or bookmark these links:


Life and Entertainment



The apps are also browsable by section. Tap the Sections button at the bottom of the screen to find the topics that matter to you.

The Top Stories menu on the app features a mix of the latest news and the most important recent stories.


Get notified about breaking news, traffic alerts, sports scores, weather, business news and more in real time through the app. Visit the app’s settings page via the gear icon at the top of the screen to choose which notifications to receive. You can also schedule "quiet time" — hours of the day that we won't send you alerts.

Want alerts about specific topics, places or people? Tap the "Add Topic +" button at the top of any story to be alerted every time we publish a story on that topic.

An example of where to sign up to receive alerts about specific topics on the Journal Sentinel app.
An example of where to sign up to receive alerts about specific topics on the Journal Sentinel app.

You can also set up topics to follow on the My Topics page of the app.

Topics include:

  • Wisconsin politics

  • Milwaukee government

  • Education

  • Residential real estate

  • Growth and development

  • Crime and public safety

  • Health

  • Environment and nature

  • Investigative journalism

  • Dining, food and drink

  • Things to do

  • Home & garden

  • Travel

  • Music

  • Milwaukee Bucks

  • Wisconsin Basketball

  • Wisconsin Football

  • Marquette Golden Eagles

  • Green Bay Packers

  • High School Baseball

  • High School Basketball

  • High School Football


The Journal Sentinel offers weekly and daily newsletters on a variety of topics. Once you activate our account, you can select which you want to receive at:

Newsletters include:

  • The Daily Briefing, which highlights the biggest news of the day and is sent mornings seven days a week

  • Business Watch, highlighting the day's economic, retail and development news, sent daily

  • On Wisconsin Politics, a look at the week's top political news from veteran reporter Bill Glauber, sent Wednesdays

  • Openings and Closings, a roundup of new businesses and restaurants opening, or favorites closing

  • Dish, the latest in food and dining news, sent Fridays

  • Things to Do, a roundup of events and entertainment in the Milwaukee area, sent Thursdays

  • First Nations, covering the 12 Indigenous nations in Wisconsin and other tribal news, sent Wednesdays

  • Be MKE from Hannah Kirby, who highlights stories about Milwaukee, its people and what's happening around town, sent Wednesdays

  • Newsletters on your favorite sports teams, sent daily during the seasons and weekly during the off season: Packers | Bucks | Brewers | Badgers

  • Travel, a roundup of ideas for getting out across our great state, sent Wednesdays

  • Wisconsin Family, stories and ideas for families, sent Tuesdays and Thursdays

How do I read the e-edition print replica?

The e-edition allows you to:

  • Easily browse and skip to your favorite sections

  • Clip and share articles with friends and family

  • Increase or decrease text size for easy reading

  • Listen to articles read aloud

  • Access previous editions published within the last 30 days

  • Access more than 200 local e-editions across the USA TODAY Network

  • See Sports Plus and News Plus — sections with the latest news and scores that don't appear in the print edition

Here are some quick tips to help you easily access and navigate the e-edition.  How to access from your desktop:

  1. Sign In to your account on our website

  2. Click eNewspaper on the website navigation bar

How to access from a mobile or tablet device 

  1. Download the free app through the App Store or Google Play store

  2. Open the app and sign In to your account

You can also easily access the e-edition from our Daily Briefing newsletter, delivered every morning to your inbox. 

How to navigate the e-edition:

Browse: Browse mode is the default view of the e-edition.

  • Click ‘Browse’ on the black navigation bar. Use the left and right arrows on your screen to browse through the pages.

  • Click 'Browse’ a second time to zoom in on a page.

  • Hover over 'Browse' to access a menu where you can further control your Browse viewing mode. Select the 1x or 2x viewing option; you can also "lock" that option.

Pages:Pages mode is an easy way to quickly scan through the entire paper.

  • Click ‘Pages’ on the black navigation bar to easily see and access all pages in the edition you are viewing.

  • Click on any page image to open it for viewing.

Index Mode:Index mode allows you to browse sections, and offers several options for formatting content for reading, printing or sharing:

  • Navigate through the A section, B section and other sections you're familiar with from the print edition. Additionally, find the News Extra and Sports Extra sections, plus USA Today, under the Bonus Edition label

  • Select a story or image on the paper and it will load on the right side of your screen. This makes it easy to read while also still viewing the paper.

  • Pressing the arrows on the right and left sides of the page image will change pages.

  • When a story is selected, you can decrease or increase the text size, listen to the article, and to switch between graphical and text displays of the article by selecting the appropriate icon at the top of the story on your screen.

How to access USA Today and more than 200 local newspapers

  • Inside the e-edition, click on the icon titled Universal in the right-side navigation bar.

  • On the left side, select a state to see available e-edition publications.

  • Select the publication you would like to read.

  • Enjoy reading

Download, Print & Share:  There are two ways to save and share articles:

  1. Click ‘Index’ on the black navigation bar. Select the content on the paper you want to print so that it is displayed in the right side of the screen. Click the Print icon directly above the content.

    • If you prefer to define the area of the page that is printed click the Share icon then select the Clip option on the Sharing menu.

  2. Click ‘Browse’ and then select the Page Number in the top left or right corner of the displayed page. Then select the Share icon and follow the instructions to highlight/clip  the area to be printed.

Search Archives:  You can search for past editions for up to 30 days:

  • To search for past editions, click ‘Search Archive’ on the black navigation bar. A search page will appear on your screen. Insert the word or text to search and click on the Search button.

  • Once the search results load, click a page number to view that page. Click an article title or ad image to open it for reading.

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