State Farmer’s Market produces for Spring

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s the season of growth and new beginnings.

At the State Farmer’s Market, there were blossoming blooms, fresh herbs, and vegetables on the Saturday before Easter.

“I just love going with my mom to see all of the plants and everything they’re selling,” said Rozlyn Bush.

It’s a time many people rush to get what they need to cook in the kitchen and plant in their garden.

It’s a passion for many.

“I always help out with the garden and everything,” Bush said proudly. “Like, I would plant the seeds and I would dig the holes and I would weed.”

But for others, it can be scary.

CBS 17 crews went to the experts, the ones who make growing these greens their jobs, for advice on how people should tackle their spring planting.

“We’ve been selling here at the market for about 25 years,” said John Harmuth, who owns Long Hill nursery.

“Definitely the biggest tip that we have for gardeners in North Carolina is to make sure that they amend their soil when they’re planting anything,” said Tracie Hyde, who works with McLamb Nursery. “You’re going to dig your hole twice as big as the pot. Take out half of the dirt. Because most everything we have here is clay or sand” said Tracie Hyde.

Drainage is also important. Hyde said all that water needs someplace to go.

Sunlight, another big factor.

“These plants can’t be grown in a dark house. They can be in a bright windowsill, they can be outside on a porch or in the yard,” added Harmuth.

They all told CBS 17 if people have questions, they just need to ask them for help.

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