‘Start changing it;’ Summit aims to put a stop to human trafficking in Ohio

Ohio is sixth in the country when it comes to Human Trafficking cases.

The newest statistics are from 2021, but these are only the numbers community leaders know about.

The numbers are staggering but even more cases are left uncovered.

The Care Source Human Trafficking Summit is designed to change that by bringing leaders and resources together.

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From numbers of the Dayton Police Department to Healthcare providers to Administrators, all with the goal of finding victims and helping them break free.

“We have issues of human trafficking both impacting young people and both adults but really what concerns me is the victims we haven’t quite yet identified,” Major Brian Johns with the Dayton Police Department Investigations said. “When we learn about human trafficking it’s not what you see on the street, it’s not always really visible and it happens on social media and the internet.”

According to CareSource, nearly 90% of survivors say they have interacted with a healthcare provider while being trafficked Making identifying the problem so crucial.

“Developing a collaborative process is going to be able to get to the bottom and start getting those numbers so we can see actually where is our problem, how significant is it. And let’s start changing it,” Lisa Lucchesi, a human trafficking project manager with CareSource said.