Stark County real estate transfers July 23-29


Bailey Wendy R from Powell Robert J & Suzanne W, 1413 S Rockhill Ave, $160,000.

Black Angel L from Gard Daniel W & Sheila S, 3059 Federal Ave, $170,000.

Cross Connilyn K from Chadwick Alex, 1026 Jefferson Ave, $63,900.

Hershberger Roger from Alliance Ventures LLC, 975 Commonwealth St, $350,000.

Prestige Worldwide Property Management from Sands Rentals LLC, 2521 Shunk Ave, $97,350.

Ridgeway Shawn & Dalesandro Danielle from Arnold Jennifer L, 735 Parkway BLVD, $210,000.

Bethlehem Township

Day Lisa A & Jerry D from Lytle Craig, parcel 1100232 Safari Trl, $18,700.

Ehmer Joseph Loyal & Mayle Sydney M from Moore Jesse A, 223 Wooster St NE, $175,000.

Freese Nicholas R from Labus James C, 6000 Beth Ave SW #61, $1,000.

Vanest Cindy L & Danny W from Lucas Larry J & Donna L, parcel 1100280 Tanganyika Trl, $22,000.

Canal Fulton

Appleby Jacob L from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 3065 Bonita Cir SE, $287,745.

Bessette Karinne Diamond from Hanson Laurie A, 660 S Canal St, $152,500.

Medina North Court LLC from Cfo Realty Associates, 2260 S Locust St, $1,668,021.


Acarkan Asli from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 32, $41,000.

Adamczak Sharon Elaine from Kautsch Anna M, 1425 20th St NW, $115,500.

Alemdaroglu Alper from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 24, $41,000.

Allen Saprina Trustee from Steed Family Properties LLC, 1247 Arnold Ave NW, $10,000.

Allen Saprina Trustee from Steed Family Properties, 416 Brown Ave NW, $10,000.

Bank of New York Mellon from Volkert Harold L, 1539 Glendale PL NE, $19,101.

Blair Elizabeth P from Davis Rodney J, 2629 Ellis Ave NE, $95,500.

Bracero Enrique from Hampton James H, parcel 239214 Downing CT NE, $4,800.

Buckun Mert Ilkem from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 7, $41,000.

Buckun Mert Ilkem from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 8, $41,000.

Cakiroglu Aysegul from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 6, $41,000.

Canal Street Investments LLC from Ward James F Jr & Wanda v, 1237 18th St NW, $48,400.

Coe Kindra J from Finnell Erin R, 1327 19th St NE, $90,000.

Coe Patricia A & Kimble Karla J from Lasorella Anthony P & Karen J, 1909 Bryan Ave SW, $68,000.

Coguplugil Elcin Yavuz from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 33, $41,000.

Day Real Estate Investments LLC from RSC Real Estate LLC, 828 11th St NW, $31,800.

Ekti Nihan Erdogan from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 26, $41,000.

Elcomert Serdar Garbis from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 3, $41,000.

Equity Holdings Ltd from Fal Re1 LLC, 1448 St Elmo Ave NE, $18,000.

Ferguson Rebecca M & James E & William F from Richmann Joan L & Ferguson Rebecca M &, 4610 High Vista Cir NE, $177,750.

First Key Master Funding from Truett Ricky, 3612 13th St SW, $53,142.

Gallant Monica & Joshua from Canton Home Investments LLC, 3424 Arnold Ave NW, $143,900.

GNC Group Real Estate LLC from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 37, $41,000.

GNG Group Real Estate LLC from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 27, $41,000.

GNG Group Real Estate LLC from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 28, $41,000.

GNG Group Real Estate LLC from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 38, $41,000.

Gunak Zeynep from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 23, $41,000.

Guvenoglu Huseyin Habib from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 34, $41,000.

Hammer Austin Eugene & Weaver-Spires from Burley Joseph C & Mary C, 826 Smith Ave NW, $90,500.

Howie James from Matthews Clinton A, parcel 240068 20th St NE, $114,000.

Howie James from Matthews William C & Beth Ann, 1216 20th St NE, $114,000.

Inci Emin Serhan from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 1, $41,000.

Johnson John E II from American Estate & Trust LC FBO Robert C, 2018 21st St NE, $35,000.

Katsaras Christopher from Katsaras Christos, 2711 Burger Ave NW, $115,700.

Katsaras Christopher from Katsaras Christos, parcel 300803 Hillcrest Ave NW, $115,700.

Keaton Thomas from Equity Trust Company, Custodian FBO 1313, 3611 35th St NE, $67,500.

Koc Mehmet from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 4, $41,000.

Koc Mihriban Nihan from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 25, $41,000.

Lopez Jose Ventura & De Lopez Delia M from J Y Rentals Ltd, 1705 Regal Ave NE, $25,000.

Lovette Jeffrey T from Christopoulos George, 1010 15th St NW, $45,000.

Mclendon Gary & Lashay from Stokey Brett Matthew & Ashley Marie, 807 21st St NW, $102,000.

Menemenlioglu Ali Suat from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 36, $41,000.

Modrak Terry L from Austin Kea J & Sharita J, 114 Hudson PL SW, $12,000.

Mukimoglu Hande from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 22, $41,000.

Nagy Evan Daniel & Wendell Cassidy Rene from Halm James, 1936 Spring Ave NE, $160,000.

Ozden Cihan from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 35, $41,000.

Parson Larry from Alpine Ventures LLC, 1225 17th St NE, $84,500.

Patel Girish from Kisner Bonnie J, 1912 Holland CT SW, $25,000.

Premier Homes Inc from Blackshear Anthony, 1914 2nd St NE, $30,000.

Premier Homes Inc from Torrence Rondell, 1543 Hammond Ave SW, $35,000.

Rapid Rentals LLC from Mccray Jason R, 1533 Wayne Ave NE, $40,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Ntia Japhet, 2726 Mahoning Rd NE, $26,000.

RH Group LLC from Weber Benjamin R, 2426 16th St NE, $43,645.

Robertson Zane from Jaxanninja LLC, 1343 Mcgregor Ave NW, $125,000.

Robinson Krystal M from Chaffey Janis L Trustee, 1010 Clarendon Ave NW, $67,700.

Rossiter Donald from Goolsby Pricilla, 1003 18th St NE, $88,000.

Russick William P III from Bailey & Sons Enterprises Ltd, 601 Smith Ave NW, $90,000.

Schmitt Brian T from Gibson Diautri, 2242 22nd St NE, $95,000.

Schweizer Noah & Mandi from Butt Erik & White Tiffany, 2112 34th St NW, $154,900.

Sehirli Sadik Can from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 31, $41,000.

Sell Brooke Elizabeth from Helmuth Brian & Rachel, 2321 Harrisburg Rd NE, $135,000.

Sica Juventino Ajanel from Paynter John M, 820 Mcgregor Ave NW, $30,000.

Smith Ashley L & Jones Zachary Robert from Morris Joseph E, 1456 Harrisburg Rd NE, $55,000.

Smith Spencer J & Jennifer L from Pugh Christopher Aiden, 3721 Woodland Ave NW, $170,000.

Soledad Tamayo Reyna Patricia from Martinez Armando & Joanna S, 1431 Homer Ave NW, $91,500.

St George John from Anderson Susan C Trustee, 623 High Ave NW, $35,000.

Stepanovich Eli Edward III from Redrick Booker T Jr, 2959 Sahara Ave NE, $60,610.

Stewart Eric David & Steinbeck Bonnie from Leslie Richard & Mary, 1609 Hammond Ave SW, $16,620.

Tacikayan Naci from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 21, $41,000.

Whatever It Takes Enterprises LLC from Heropulos Sophia, 2402 St Elmo Ave NE, $75,700.

Williams Theonday M from Vincent Kim A, 406 Girard Ave SE, $10,000.

Williamson Lisa M from Mcgrew Anne G, 731 41st St NW, $142,000.

Witmer John from Mclean Karla, 1033 Bedford Ave SW, $32,000.

Yac Bernabe Castro from Yacono Michael & Van Horn Linda, 2546 Avalon Ave NE, $79,900.

Yucer Hasan Cemil from Coastal Line Homes LLC, 1319 Walnut Ave NE Condo 5, $41,000.

Canton Township

Clement Trevor Paul from May Timothy G & Natale Anna M, 4105 Monica Ave SW, $195,000.

Coram Joseph D from Gilbride Catherine, 2347 Prairie College St SW, $200,000.

Edmunds Jodi from Fountains Properties LLC, 1315 Cascade Cir NW Condo 3, $205,000.

Fonte Anthony Blake from Lou’s Retirement Properties Ltd, 355 53rd St SW, $69,300.

Franks Jr Gerald L & Mary Ann from Robertson David P, 122 46th St SW, $115,000.

Harrison Taylor & Matthew from Hanze Jeffrey A, 1411 Viola Pkwy NW, $193,000.

Hudson Sherri L from Hoffman Daniel L, 3424 37th St SW, $130,000.

Myers Andrew E from Narduzzi Joseph A, 4439 Lincoln St E, $118,000.

Oliver Brian from Miller Susan L, 2642 Lincoln St E, $25,000.

Porter Shane & Hallie from Moody Jeremy, 5326 Hillsboro Ave SE, $225,000.

Price Michael G from Glazier Gregory B, 4740 Ridge Ave SE, $76,900.

Smith Jacob from Painter Donna G, 3523 38th St SW, $135,000.

Stallman Nathan M & Alexis N from Cheviron Denise L, 4205 Springvale Ave SW, $175,000.

Stark County Property Solutions LLC from Snyder Eileen L, 4310 Dueber Ave SW, $67,000.

Steckman Larry Dwayne & Dorothy Joan from Covert Janice E, 3328 Robin Ave SE, $84,700.

Tec Enterprises LLC from Bentley Jennifa Mariea, parcel 1306892 Trump Ave NE, $10,000.

Jackson Township

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Fleck Rose M Trustee, 5070 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $236,000.

Brawley Cynthia M from Zimmerman Roy F & Weston Jyl A, 5130 Echovalley St NW, $215,501.

Castro Anthony J & Laura A from Connor Gary L & Judith L & Cristin R &, 7260 Charring Court Cir NW, $550,000.

Davis Dennis Samuel from Brundelet Martha Marie & Davis Dennis Sa, 621 Leecrest St NW, $80,000.

Gostlin Jeffrey A & Amanda from Warf Barbara A, 8471 Hearth Cir NW, $470,000.

Jones Jacqueline L from Decker Judith E, 8054 Cambridge Ave NW, $165,000.

Kappes Dustin M from Scarpino Rebecca A, 8624 Milmont St NW, $120,000.

Key Bank Na Trustee from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5995 Hawks Nest Cir NW 3C, $440,070.

Nassehi Fred F from Bartow Mary E Trustee, 4010 Lindbergh Ave NW, $268,950.

Ostrout Elvine from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5999 Hawks Nest Cir NW 3a, $387,710.

Papacostas George from Blackledge Todd Alan, 2711 Glenmont Rd NW, $565,000.

Plunkett Daniel from Meskiel Madeline, 6152 Drexel St NW, $239,000.

Rebescher Stefanie & Jarrod Aric from Montgomery Nathanael & Lauren, 5295 Limerick Ave NW, $279,900.

Reece Timothy J & Eliana I from Anderson James W & Karen A, 3445 Waterford Ave NW, $327,000.

Residential Solutions Inc from Chambers Margaret R, 4804 Drumcliff Dr NW, $152,000.

Residential Solutions Inc from Fagus Mark, 5222 Echovale St NW, $186,000.

Richardson Brian from Schmidt Norma L, 8895 Ontario St NW, $155,000.

Rowlance Susan B Trustee from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5997 Hawks Nest Cir NW 3B, $378,160.

Schorsten Christina from Peters Jenna M, 8036 Daytona St NW, $236,000.

Seiple Kathleen & Jill & Dummermuth from Retail Growth Properties LLC, 8193 Arlington Ave NW, $152,000.

Sich Daniel J & Sich Rosalie from Mospens Christina & Sich Rosalie, 4858 Crystal Lake Ave NW, $30,000.

Smith Ashley Danielle & Andrew Joe from Gostlin Jeffrey & Amanda, 7911 Laura Ave NW, $514,900.

Timmone Pablo I & Saulnier Nicole C from Teynor Timothy M & Therese M, 6932 Salerno St NW, $375,000.

Vuksanovich Nella from Walsh Mark W & Yongcha, 3738 Abbotsford BLVD NW, $181,280.

Westerholm John E from Mitzel Kelly A, 4758 Rohrway Ave NW, $182,500.

Williams Jess & Theresa from Rufener Melinda & Richard, 5384 Villarose Ave NW, $445,000.

Wolfe Dustin J & Jennifer E from Forbes Jeffrey S & Kristin, 3334 Anglo Cir NW, $355,000.

Lake Township

Durac Diane M from Anstine Carol E, 3392 Willow Spring Dr NW, $205,500.

Finocchio Tammy L & Dale N from Orzo Michelle N, 8751 Woodlore Cir NW, $330,000.

Gate 77 LLC from Ruble Nancy A, 3346 Highland Park St NW, $160,000.

Hughey Quinton C from Seeley James W Sr Trustee, 3396 Lake Center St NW, $207,000.

Noonan Consulting Services LLC from Young Cynthia Kaye, 13013 Church Ave NW, $125,000.

Noonan Consulting Services LLC from Young Cynthia Kaye, parcel 2202697 Millview Ave NW, $125,000.

Pavlich Brandon J & Talia from Walsh John W, 2375 Yorktown St NW, $237,001.

Quinn-Fullmer Mary from Quinn William F & Dolores M, 1761 Smith Kramer St NE, $148,803.

Rucker Daniel G from Tschantz Trent, 3101 Perrydale St NW, $117,000.

Shover Shawn from Shover Fawn & Shawn, 3707 Edison St NW, $68,500.

Sich Daniel J from Sich Daniel J & Mospens Christina M, 3390 State St NW, $46,250.

Williams James from Day Thomas D & Dennis P, 13160 Mogadore Ave NW, $155,000.

Wilson Joseph & Brittany from Mancuso Vincent M, 10930 Thoresby Cir NW, $335,000.

Lawrence Township

Porter Connie A & Edward L from Housley James R & Patricia J, 6201 Alabama Ave NW, $600,000.

Speck Curtis H & Elizabeth A from Brugh Donald E, 3416 Manchester Ave NW, $180,000.

Teston Robert E & Hargett Elise A from Prohibited LLC, 11937 Lockage Rd NW, $245,500.


Cook Keith & Marilyn from JBF Realty LLC, 1023 Baier Ave, $231,000.

Jewel Ventures LLC from Squire Roger L, 207 E Main St, $190,000.

K & K 230 Enterprises LLC from TC Company Ltd, parcel 3604549 Broadway Ave NE, $391,200.

Kroah Jason A & Amy M from Toussant Tyler R & Amanda, 902 Crosswyck Cir, $292,000.

Ramser Gregory & Wesch Mela from Eckroate Linda C, 821 Glencarlyn Ave, $262,000.

Smith Patrick J & Tamara L from Sayre Bradley D & Stoll Katlynn G, 1170 Cheverton Ave, $347,000.

Whyte Roma & Bradley Mark from Miller Jerome K & Marylou, 1001 E Main St, $147,000.

Marlboro Township

Bertolette Todd from Langmeyer Mary Steetle, 6975 Center St NE, $249,900.


Adkins Melvin Jr from Sanders Mary Jo, 956 Carnation St NE, $170,000.

Armstead Breonna L from Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, 72 Marion Ave SE, $160,000.

Blackhawk Investments LLC from Kazar Steven P, 220 Rose Ave SE, $28,000.

Blackwood Justin Michael & Whitney from K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, 158 23rd St SE, $154,000.

Burke Ronald Lee Edward from Hestley Jacklyn M & Christopher, 56 10th St SE, $89,000.

Carriker Amy E & Slone Michael R from Carver Kevin & Renee, 445 25th St NW, $176,000.

Clapper Jeffrey D & Amy S from Johnson Jay E & Dawn E, 1322 11th St NE, $165,000.

Cole Amber R from Knetzer Properties LLC, 307 Underhill Dr SE, $100,000.

Cooper Matthew N & Sutter Jennifer D from Popa Daniel E & Bonnie L Ttees, 3081 Lincoln Way W, $75,000.

Delvalle Andee from Pape Logan S, 160 Page St NW, $145,000.

Durici Sokol & Lindsey from Kidd Esther J, 516 26th St SE, $35,000.

Dwyer Jon E & Robert from Dwyer Jon E & Robert & Cheryl A, 165 Lake Ave NE, $30,200.

Gravue Katie M from Williams Robert B III, 51 6th St SE, $80,000.

Hulbert Taylor Paul & Brigitte Lauren from KS Yoak Enterprises LLC, 815 Seneca St NE, $154,000.

Humerickhouse Russell E & Margaret A from Johnson Rebecca M, 2015 Cyprus Dr SE, $349,900.

Katsaras Christopher from Katsaras Chris, 25 State Ave NE, $29,300.

Kmetko Amanda from Lega Michael J, 1235 Main Ave W, $155,000.

Krites Rebecca from Long Tanner J & Jessica L, 4425 Samuel CT NW, $267,450.

Lippert Jr Robert L from Shuck Loomis A, 830 6th St SW, $36,000.

Longsworth Jason & Kathy A from Braun David Lee & Dana, 965 9th St NE, $132,000.

Medical Office Management Services from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 3575 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $310,990.

Mull Tyler Lyn & Hansen Bianca from Chabot Henry J, 159 Lake Ave NE, $128,000.

Myers Arvine H III & Alyssa H from Myers Arvine H III & Michael G as Tenan, 38 5th St SE, $25,400.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Lockhart A R Development Co, 1858 Fish Creek Cir NW, $59,000.

Ohm Brian & Rebecca from Hall Jase, 233 23rd St NW, $171,000.

Rauch Karen J from Ford Michael J, 322 Arthur St SE, $130,000.

Schlabach Steven L from Doering Paul K, parcel 604922 Thorne Ave NE, $17,500.

Tusc Investments Ltd from the First Church of Christ Scientist, 300 Lincoln Way E, $300,000.

Tusc Investments Ltd from the First Church of Christ Scientist, parcel 680725 3rd St NE, $300,000.

Williams Robert III from Daniels Jesse G & Mildred A Trustees, 22 Warwick Ave NW, $35,000.

Yoder Angela M from Guleff Sharon M, 171 Rolling Park Dr N, $1,000.

Zenallis Britney N from Henry Paul L & Paul J, 1537 Tremont Ave SW, $110,000.

Nimishillen Township

K & K 230 Enterprises LLC from North Canton Plaza Inc, parcel 3303037 Fargo Ave NE, $15,000.

Kuntzman Daniel A from Lewis Tyler A & Hedrick Taylor v, 6399 Apple St, $157,500.

Laclair Carolyn M & Clayton L from Brown Daniel S, 4155 Gephart Ave, $116,000.

Lindsay Andrew J & Amanda D from Domer Bradley J & Suzanne, 6235 Mann St, $125,000.

Malt LLC from Lookabaugh Roger A, 7701 Tabernacle St, $137,500.

North Canton

Beorn Nickolas from Schaufele Kimberly R, 213 Glenwood St SW, $225,000.

Carrollton Professional Alliance from Hazeriah LLC, 512 S Main St, $685,000.

Lewis Robert A & Mary K from Seibert Mark A & Melissa A, 125 Walsh Ave SE, $312,000.

Thomas Michelle & Francis from Stough Reynolds Sondra Rae, 400 Glenwood St SW, $232,000.

Osnaburg Township

Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO from Meyer Andy J, 8493 Cindell St SE, $70,000.

TRC Holdings LLC from KCF Enterprises LLC, parcel 10015319 Lincoln St SE, $178,200.

Paris Township

Cayton Jacob & Brittney from Ridgeway John R, 402 Almeda Ave, $112,000.

Gangi Wayne P & Anita J from Mick Carol, 12737 Lisbon St NE, $135,000.

Henderon Richard E & Barba L from Lou’s Retirement Properties Ltd, 11355 Lincoln St SE, $55,000.

Perry Township

Bickel Sarah from Keeton Naomi R, 1225 Western Ave SW, $150,000.

Bradle Property MGMT LLC from Thomas Barbara J, 2314 Nottingham St NW, $183,000.

Buckeye Property Investors Inc from Sullivan Sean P & Briana J, 226 Stewart Ave SW, $100,000.

Calzada Felix F from Elrod Seth A & Shanna N, 628 Meadowridge Ave NW, $239,900.

Darlington Brent W & Patricia K from JJK Investors LLC, 4737 Erie Ave SW, $186,000.

Douglass Jill M from Graham Nancy J, 1114 Manor Ave SW, $89,600.

Duke Diana Korin from Span Stephanie J., 1726 Jackson Ave NW, $190,000.

Gadow Bailey E & Bonsky Christian A from Map Services Neo LLC, 503 Manor Ave NW, $190,000.

Goshay Peter G & Allison R from Gibson Georgia, 5766 Longbrook St SW, $20,000.

Haney Jeffery v & Podis Jadee A from Hoalt Kristina L, 616 Manor Ave NW, $165,000.

Hunter Tyler W & Lincoln Amanda M from Fellows Ashley & Mathew, 3013 Maytime St NW, $141,500.

Katsaras Christopher from Katsaras Chris, parcel 4318264 Navarre Rd SW, $28,000.

Makowski Edward & Diane L from Finsel Susan L, 6191 Ridgewood St SW, $70,000.

Mcvay Avery T from Ehmer Joseph L, 1209 Saratoga Ave SW, $125,000.

Mogus Keith & Traci from Macris Rentals LLC, 6067 Longview St SW, $365,500.

Olivo Kaitlan Julane from Waicak Jeffery S, 234 Genoa Ave SW, $115,000.

Stedman Amy Rose from Young Dennis Lee Young Renee, 1650 Carmont Ave NW, $144,000.

Tusc Investments Ltd from F & v Realty Ltd, 3545 Lincoln Way E, $850,000.

Weyant Victor & Emily from Black Korey L, 4895 Fohl St SW, $408,000.

Wiseman Luke from Ott Donald A & Bracken-Ott Heather, parcel 10008388 Jackson Ave SW, $130,000.

Woodworth Amanda & Kirven Andrew from Helms Kimberly Rose, 1010 Summerdale Ave NW, $190,000.

Pike Township

I & L Ltd from Johnston Elmer L & Karen S, 3200 Downing St SW, $250,000.

Jones Kelly from Wozniak Amber S, 7435 Ridge Ave SW, $147,700.

Randall John Charles Jr from Berens Nathaniel R, 8522 Cleveland Ave SE, $85,000.

Sawyer Eric D from Richardson Rebecca Etal, 5626 East Sparta Ave SE, $129,000.

Plain Township

Amos Craig & Kaitlyn E from Atkinson Kenneth E, 1727 Schneider St NW, $210,000.

Andrews Ricardo A from Fritz Theodore C III, 2901 30th St NE, $20,000.

Brannan Tyne from Portyrata Mark E Ttee, 2913 Bridlewood St NW, $329,900.

Franks Donald A from Patrick Long Homes Ltd, parcel 10013763 Wicker St NE, $58,000.

Global Real Estate Solutions LLC from Bacon Layla M, 7000 Woodell Ave NE, $102,000.

Greathouse Brett M & Amy M from Hawkins Sarah J, 1274 Mount Pleasant St NW, $255,000.

Kocher Reuben J & Bryant Christina D from Watts John S, 6526 Blossomwood Cir NE, $163,000.

Kuzyk Doug & Zsoidos David from Storey Cameron P, 3755 Ashwood St NW, $171,100.

Litman Benjamin from Lautzenheiser Cyle P & Shannen R, 922 Milford St NE, $126,000.

Mann Howard Jr & Lisa Marie Co-Ttees from Reinhart Paul L, 3069 Fulton Dr NW, $175,000.

Morris Michaela A from Speharovic Nicholas C, 1837 Lakeside Ave NW Unit 8-D, $142,500.

Nield Melanie from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 1341 Fountain View St NE, $328,470.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 7504 Woodway Rd NE, $72,000.

Pugh Family Enterprises from Eliopoulos Thomas A Maryann, 7345 Middlebranch Ave NE, $225,000.

Ranalli Properties LLC from Floom Aaron P & Klarissa, 1650 Mount Pleasant St NW, $280,000.

Reed Alexander Wiley & Gabriella from Frenz Dan R, 7075 Northview Ave NE, $206,000.

Senter Rachel K & Michael J from Collins Saundra, 6115 Firestone Rd NE, $150,000.

Taylor Cody Daniel from Pusateri Jennifer E, 8016 Norriton Cir NW, $147,000.

the Guthrie Real Estate Group LLC from Morgan Bradford G, 419 Brookpoint St NW, $182,750.

Vretas James T & Kathryn A from Ringer Robert E & Sherrey R, 2200 Rohrer St NW, $325,000.

Whitfield Kevin from Dobransky Stephan E, 6858 Stonecreek Ave NE, $195,000.

Whitthack LLC from Freedom Partnership LLC, 808 39th St NE, $565,000.

Sandy Township

Burton Tradale from Tope Gary A & Rosella P, parcel 6101469 Waynesburg Dr SE, $98,000.

Campbell Kaitlin A from Velez-Durham Lisandro I &, 290 N Cline St, $52,650.

Cosgrave Laurie A from Perris Kim, 6121 Waynesburg Dr SE, $8,800.

Kail Braden E & Suzanne from Lester Brian K & Diana L, 113 Hemlock Ave, $260,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Amstutz Lora from Raber Joshua J & Angela N, 13723 Elton St SW, $182,000.

Miller Brian E & Ervin A from Sauls Steven W & Aimee C, 11787 Dolway Ave SW, $350,000.

Stutzman Joas W from Evans Linda S, 124 7th Ave NW, $229,900.

Tuscarawas Township

Geis Morgan from Curie Connie Trustee, 923 Roseland Ave NW, $135,000.

Lega Michael & Katherine from Weaver Ann L, 1228 Deermont Ave NW, $250,000.

Washington Township

Gingerich Dannie E from the Huntington National Bank, 13017 Bayton St NE, $105,000.

Toussant Nick A & Deborah A from Bryan Raymond T, 11973 Lawford St NE, $120,000.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Stark County real estate transfers July 23-29